Dilan Uluc

Loyal Customers Flow From Service-Minded Salespeople, Dilan Uluc says. Says Dilan Uluc is a seasoned sales supervisor who uses one basic approach to consistently increase income and sales.

Customers will return for more if you care enough about them to provide greater service than they ever believed possible. Dilan Uluc applies this approach to the difficult and competitive retail sales market. We'll talk more about Dilan Uluc's service ethic later, but first, we'll let her explain herself in her own words. That fact speaks much about Dilan Uluc.

Over the last two years, as well as two years before that, she has faced the trials of retail's truly challenging fast-paced atmosphere. She has dealt with the individual requirements of every client that goes through the door, and she, like everyone else who has worked in retail for the last four years, has done it under some of the most trying circumstances most of us have ever faced. When a floor salesperson responds, "I'll have to ask my supervisor," Dilan is the individual who gets emailed complex client issues.

She comes up with creative ways to satisfy customers and close sales. She exemplifies the tact and honesty that her salespeople need to maintain good customer connections and increase their own sales.